About Us

As a new adventure, Keith and Janeen Berg opened GoodyPop in York on November 30, 2019. Janeen has been a RN for 43 years, and Keith, a pharmacist for 39 years. Since Keith and Janeen were both in the healthcare field for their entire careers, the popcorn business was a new learning experience. 

They have raised six children, five boys and one girl, while living in several Nebraska communities. Besides the popcorn business, Keith and Janeen also keep busy with 13 grandchildren. 

Before the opening of GoodyPop, the downtown building was purchased and renovated by their son and wife, Miles & Katie Berg of York. The lowered ceiling was removed to reveal the original tin ceilings of the building. The brick walls were exposed by removing all the plaster. The 1890's wooden apothecary fixtures lining a wall of GoodyPop are from a drugstore Janeen and Keith owned in Laurel, Nebraska. The children's table and chairs in the store are from a one-room school in Wayne County, attended by Janeen from kindergarten through eighth grade. Several of the antiques throughout the store are from their collection and family heirlooms.

Janeen and Keith previously lived in York from 2003 through 2010 and moved back to York in August 2019. They appreciate the warm welcome back to York and the community support for GoodyPop.